Rufutech Uniform Tracking


Managing the entire uniform inventory and the lifecycle of each individual garment from purchasing through daily use, cleaning, and dispensing all the way to final disposal, requires a comprehensive system within the company. The interoperability of such system is especially important when the cleaning or laundering is being outsourced.


 Features & Benefits

  1. Cloud-based application accessible from anywhere.
  2. Options for desktop and mobile app.
  3. Rapid development and full customization based on customer requirements.
  4. Process tracking and improvement.
  5. Integration with existing and new technology (RFID, NFC, barcode and others).
  6. Full integration with ERP systems.
  7. Eliminates many labor-intensive manual tasks, such as separating and hand-counting uniforms being sent to the laundry.
  8. Automatically processes laundry in batches, carts and racks for automated shipping and receiving.
  9. Fast on the spot inventory count using a handheld or mounted readers.
  10. Ultimate visibility of uniform location and status, length of time at each location (especially in the laundry facility or cleaners).
  11. Allows for FIFO processing (to ensure equal wear and laundry).
  12. Automated issue and tracking uniform items based upon a pre-determined Item Issue List including validation and reporting.