Rufutech inventory Management


RUFUtech Inventory Management Software performs full inventory control utilizing a combination of technologies including RFID tags, RFID readers, barcodes, sensors, Wi-Fi networks and the Internet. In addition, the system software provides the capability to categorize each inventory item, which is easily and quickly set up to meet the individual company requirements.


 Key Features

  1. Use RFID, barcode and NFC to collect and transfer data between the inventory items and the system.
  2. Identify and locate items faster, more accurately and at reduced overall cost.
  3. Significantly reduce manual labor and corresponding errors at all stages of inventory tracking.
  4. Scan multiple inventory items, concurrently, without having to physically separate or segregate them (for instance when shipping or receiving pallets).
  5. Provide timely and accurate information to support management decisions.
  6. Provide added security by recording inventory movement and creating full audit trail log.