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The MetricStream Product Compliance Management App enables the effective management of compliance with product safety regulations, including REACH, RoHS, CA Prop 65, CPSIA, and the Lacey Act. The App integrates data on products, suppliers, testing labs, certifications, and safety compliance teams in a central framework, while also enhancing collaboration within this ecosystem. 



Supplier and Product Information Management
Consolidates and maps supplier and facility data, product details, and certification requirements; provides a web-based portal to communicate with suppliers; streamlines supplier and product assessments

RSL List Management
Maintains and communicates Restricted Substances Lists (RSLs) and Declarable Substances Lists (DSLs); maps substances to products and components in a many-to-many manner for in-depth visibility

Risk Management
Helps design and implement hazard risk analyses and failure mode analyses; supports product risk assessments and ratings

Product Testing
Helps create product tests plans, and manage testing protocols and methodologies; integrates with testing labs to import findings; routes non-conformances for CAPAs

Compliance Certification
Enables suppliers and testing labs to capture and submit test reports and relevant documents, generate certificates of compliance, and suggest corrective actions for test failures

Inspections and Audit Management
Facilitates a systematic, automated approach to product compliance audits and inspections; provides tools for audit planning and scheduling, fieldwork, analysis of audit findings, and corrective action

Provides an in-depth view of product compliance, product testing results, certification status, and related risks and issues through comprehensive aggregate reporting and individual status tracking capabilities


  • Leverage a common, scalable system to manage and track compliance with a range of product safety regulations
  • Improve traceability and accountability on product compliance issues across departments, suppliers, sub-suppliers, and factories
  • Accelerate product compliance audits through streamlined, automated workflows and advanced capabilities for mobile and offline audits
  • Strengthen collaboration and coordination with suppliers, auditors, and testing labs on product compliance. Minimize redundancies and inefficiency
  • Mitigate product compliance risks in a timely manner through quick, in-depth reporting capabilities

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