MyGeotab is online fleet management software that is available to all our customer in different pricing plans to suit their specific needs.


Introduction to MyGeoTab vehicle tracking software

MyGeotab Fleet management software gives companies reliable and scalable complete GPS tracking solutions regardless of their size or industry. Our fleet maintenance software enables businesses manage and improve their driver’s on-road safety, productivity, and compliance to regulatory mandates, while also optimizing fleet performance to reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

How this GPS tracking software will help your business

  1. Manage Your Entire Fleet from One Platform
  2. Scalable Software
  3. Fleet Management Simplified
  4. Reliable Software
  5. Benchmarking

Key features of our Fleet maintenance software

  1. Advanced Reporting
  2. Driver Behavior Management
  3. Robust Engine Data Reporting
  4. GPS Vehicle Tracking
  5. Route Optimization
  6. Engine Health & Maintenance
  7. Open Data Integration
  8. Custom Mapping





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