MR Reporting System


With the help of this MR reporting software, a pharma company can also check current activity of the MR’s like where they have to go and where they are. Our MR reporting software system is designed after understanding the needs, and requirements of the pharma companies, and it’s very affordable.


Features of MR Reporting Software

  • Offline Data Entry.
  • Password Protection.
  • Analysis of doctor calls.
  • Details of Channel Partners.
  • Medical Representatives information.
  • MR can set the reminder for meeting.
  • Mapping of MR to geographical Units.

Daily Call Reports:

  • Next day’s call plan.
  • Daily expense details.
  • Doctor calls submission.
  • Stockist & chemist POB.
  • Marketing meetings info.
  • Samples & gifts distribution.

Stock & Sale Statements:

  • Primary Sales Submission.
  • Consolidated Stock Statements.
  • Direct Customers Stock Statements.

Doctors Management:

  • MR activity reports.
  • Missed doctor calls.
  • Visits disparity report.
  • Doctor samples/gifts report.
  • Core/VIP/special doctors activity.
  • Target products Vs samples issued.

Tour Programs:

  • Tour program deviation report.
  • Online tour program submission.
  • Editing & approvals by managers.

Expense Statements:

  • Auto calculation of d.a. & t.a.
  • Editing & approvals by managers.
  • Auto generation of expense statements.
  • Comparison of claimed & approved expenses.

Inter Office E-mails:

  • Circulars, notices, letters facility.
  • Mail attachments.
  • Group/individual mailing.
  • SMS packages.

Admin Functions:

  • Control panel to monitor online activities.
  • Login accounts modification.
  • Consolidated reports.
  • False reporting control.

MR Reporting Online Software:

  • Very user friendly.
  • 10,000+ online users.
  • All India sales & support network.
  • 100% implementation success rate.
  • Absolute time & cost management. 24×7 online support.

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