M R Reporting is the pioneering online Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation (SFA) Software solution. M R Reporting has been developed and marketed by E-Tech Services (ESPL).


Key Features

  1. Fast, Easy to use Interface.
  2. MR Reporting mobile app works offline when Internet is not available.
  3. GPS – Gives GPS Coordinates of REP’s location.
  4. Tracks location, Battery life, GPS Status etc.
  5. MR Reporting mobile app works on any android phone.
  6. Eliminates traditional Visual Aids.
  7. Completely Integrates ‘Product Detailing with Daily Call Reporting’.
  8. Reduces data entry workload of field force through built-in mobile App.
  9. Keeps tab on product preferences of Doctors.
  10. Attracts Doctor’s attention with colorful HD videos & images.
  11. Builds a very positive impression of the company.