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SAN SFE online MR reporting software helps pharmaceutical companies to manage their medical representatives on the field. Our ...



Salestrip SFA is a complete Sales Force Automation solutions.  This tool is created to automate sales force in pharmaceutical and ...

Etech MR Reporting

Etech MR Reporting

Etech MR Reporting is the leader in online Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation solutions. Our tool is trusted by global ...



Opt CRM provides best MR Reporting software for Pharmaceuticals organizations. it helps you find out inside story of total ...



Ammras is cloud based sales force automation tool and MR resorting software helping pharmaceutical companies manage their ...

Marg MR Reporting Software

Marg MR Reporting Software

Marg MR Reporting software is designed for pharma business to automate sales force and track daily visits of medical ...

MR Reporting

MR Reporting

MR Reporting Software helps medical representatives to submit their daily report that is viewed by their superiors.  This online software makes ...

Essential SFA

Essential SFA

Essential SFA is sales force automation software used widely in pharmaceutical industry to manage their medical representative on ...



CBO is leading MR reporting software in India created by CBO Infotech. This is an online sales force automation tool for pharma ...



medSFA is simple to use MR reporting software for managing all appointments with doctors. This tool is designed by SalesBabu and  ...


What is MR Reporting Software?

MR Reporting is Sales Force Automation (SFA) software for pharmaceutical company. It is used to track and manage medical representatives on the field. It provides an interface where pharmaceutical company and their sales executive communicate. It’s a territory-wise real-time system that works in 24×7 mode. This system automates the entries workforce.

Key benefits of MR Reporting Software

  1. Real time location tracking of MR
  2. Helps you stay connected with sales executive on the field
  3. Improves performance of MR
  4. Collect feedback of MR
  5. Tasks allocation remotely
  6. Collect competitors data
  7. Real-time reporting
  8. Sales executive get instant product updates

Top 10 MR Software

01. Marg MR Reporting Software

Marg MR Reporting Software is web-based reporting software  helps in sales force automation. This sales representative reporting software easily handle field activity of the organization, Manage call reports of Field staff, Daily working analysis, stock & sales management, E detailing, User’s Live tracking through GPS

Key Benefits of Marg SFA

  1. User Friendly Interface.
  2. Considerable saving of time and effort in data processing.
  3. Savings in postage costs for sending DCRs to Head Office.
  4. Effective and timely management of doctor relations.
  5. Targeted marketing through systematic identification of doctors with products.
  6. Analyses of MR effort with respect to orders and deviations.
  7. Comprehensive information about doctors and products available on the web for increased MR productivity.

02. Opt CRM

Opt CRM is an opline reporting tool that helps pharmaceuticals companies manage their workforce without any hassle. This Easy to use sales representative reporting software is a cross-platform desktop widget for all size of organizations. This MR reporting software helps users to get smart report with a smart simple solutions.

Key features of  Opt CRM

  1. DCR Reporting
  2. Expense Management
  3. Tour Planning
  4. Route Planning
  5. Stock & Sales Management
  6. RCPA – Product Survye
  7. Sample Management
  8. Gift Management
  9. Doctor Management
  10. Chemist Management
  11. Doctor Sponsorship

03. Etech MR Reporting

Etech MR Reporting is the innovative online Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation tool, built by E-Tech Health care solutions Group. This MR reporting software has been successfully implemented in top pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing organizations. This online reporting software has gained popularity over the years.

Key features of Etech MR Reporting

  1. Dedicated cloud based pharmaceutical CRM solution.
  2. Increases sales force effectiveness by over 30%.
  3. Reduces ‘Operating Cost’ by over 80%.
  4. Enables higher revenue generation from existing sales and marketing infrastructure.
  5. Plays a vital role in building devoted relationships of the company both with doctors and Chemists.

04. Salestrip

Salestrip SFA is an end-to-end Sales Force Automation Software developed specially to automate  pharmaceuticals and  FMCG companies. This online reporting software powers the key managers and field force to make well-informed decisions to maximize the sales and profit.

Key features of SalesTrip

  1. Handling of Tour Plan deviations.
  2. Enable Geo-fencing and Geo-tagging
  3. Robust Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
  4. Enable GPS tracking, monitor visits accuracy by cross-checking locations.
  5. Elegant visual interface for easily accessing and interpreting various information and data.
  6. Send important broadcasts and messages.
  7. Available on-premise and fully secured cloud hosting with flexible pricing model.
  8. Reminders, Alerts & Push Notifications.
  9. Handle Monthly/Quarterly Sales Targets
  10. Hierarchy based team management.

05. medSFA

SalesBabu medSFA On Demand is robust online MR Reporting software to easily manage field activity of the company, Monitor call reports of Field staff, Daily working analysis, and MR’s  real-time tracking through GPS. This online reporting software streamline your sales force to enhance productivity.

Key Features medSFA

  1. Sales Force Automation
  2. Doctor Management
  3. Primary and Secondary Sales
  4. MR Reporting
  5. Competitor Brand Analysis
  6. MIS Reports


SAN SFE MR reporting software ia accessible via Web and Mobile. This online reporting software can help you to submit Tour Plan, Daily Activity, Internal Email, RCPA Analysis via Mobile App.  Our sales representative reporting software  helps your MR spend effective and quality time with Customer and get instant information about the business.

key features of  SAN SFE

  1. Target & Achievements
  2. Coverage Analysis
  3. Mobile Reporting
  4. Sample & Gift Management
  5. Expense Statement
  6. Insights & Analytics
  7. Seamless Communication
  8. Common Doctor

07. Ammras

Ammras is a SFA tool that helps your team concentrate on what really matters thus increase sales productivity. This online reporting software enables life science organizations with the decision support system that analyzes real-time market data, channel activity to give life science companies with the insights, clarity, and support to offer the right information at the right time.

Key features of Ammras

  1. Get a 360° view of your business
  2. Don’t guess that all your teammates are doing as per plan, know
  3. Always know what your team is doing

08. Essential SFA

Essential SFA is sales force automation tool built using Microsoft and sun technologies specializes. our online reporting software is highly flexible and can be integrated with any ERP, CRM, Business intelligence or e-commerce.

Key features of Essential SFA 

  1. Offline E-Detailing /Content Delivery Solution.
  2. Offline GPS Location Tracking.
  3. Available Country-Specific Settings.
  4. Even works on 2G network.
  5. Can be integrated with third party Applications
  6. Offline Data Entry.
  7. It is very user friendly
  8. Customer Entry with Physical Location
  9. Real time data access to Field Personal

09. MR Reporting

MR Reporting is a top pharma software for sales force automation in pharma companies. This online reporting software helps pharmaceuticals companies to get instant reports from the MR deployed in on the field. This sales representative reporting software is very affordable and easy to use. Try our pharma marketing software to enhance your  team’s performance and increase sales eventually.

Features of MR Reporting Software

  1. Doctor’s List
  2. Chemist’s List
  3. Employees Record
  4. Daily Call Reporting
  5. Product Samples Stock
  6. Gift Samples Stock
  7. Samples Stock Maintain Through Call Report
  8. Multi Level Hierarchy
  9. User Management

10. CBO

CBO is online MR Reporting software helping pharmaceutical industry to manage their on-field medical representative. Our Pharma software has MR reporting mobile app that helps you  track field staff information in real time

Key Features Of  CBO

  1. No need to carry visual aid inbuilt detailing system.
  2. Low cost effective in internet charges.
  3. No waiting for salary process.
  4. Non submitted DCR information by SMS to H.O. / Managers.
  5. No fake DCR submission.
  6. Acute & error free.
  7. No waiting for expense data.
  8. Area tracking.
  9. Easy and fast reporting.
  10. Save money in visual aid printing.