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Employee Monitoring App

Employee Monitoring App

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Field Force Connect

Field Force Connect

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Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker

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Pepup Sales

Pepup Sales

PepUp Sales is best field force automation software that helps in tracking the sales activities of the executives who are on field on a real time ...


What is Field Force Automation Software

Field force automation software is a communication platform that helps you manage your workforce in the field. It basically involves in collecting, managing and transmitting 2 types of data, one is sales information and other is customer service. This automation tool creates a communication channel through mobile interface to track your field service executives, collect real-time data and provide them required information on their mobile, tablet or PDA devices. Companies use FFA tool to collect, analyze and transmit information among sales and service executives to improve sales and customer service.

Top 10 Field Force Automation Software

1. Field Force Connect

Field Force connect is a Field sales automation CRM software that helps  you to maintain an effective field sales force by constantly tracking the field workforce on GPS. You can see the exact location of your employees on the map through mobile.We provide you one stop solution for all your needs.

Key features of  Field Force Connect

  1. Employee geo-fencing tracking
  2. Lead management app
  3. Daily activity log
  4. Functional sales team structure
  5. Sales target and order management
  6. Staff-roster-plan
  7. Paperless digital form
  8. Expense management
  9. Employee communication
  10. Task management app

2. Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracker is top rated field service management software. This sales automation software offers unique feature, comprehensive, enterprise-grade yet easy to use Field Service Software with the most robust mobile applications. This field service scheduling software can quickly schedule jobs, dispatch right employees, collect accurate information, manage inventory, and invoice quicker.

Key features of Field Force Tracker

  1.  Advanced Job Scheduling
  2. Work Order Management
  3. Parts and Asset Management
  4. Warranty and Contract Management
  5. Quotes and Invoices
  6. Field Service Staff Management
  7. TimeSheets Management
  8.  Product and Customer Service History
  9. Multiple Time Zones and Currencies
  10. Real Time Location Tracking
  11. Mobile Apps For Field Technicians
  12. Custom Reports & Dashboards
  13. Integrated VOIP Telephony
  14. Smart Flow Service Management
  15. More Features for Business Support

3. PepUp Sales

PepUp Sales is powerful  field force management software developed an Enterprise Mobility Solution to manage and monitor Primary and Secondary Sales. This field service scheduling software helps in tracking the workforce who are on the field on a real-time basis using GPS. You can monitor sales and field activities along with sales executive activities.

Key features of PepUp Sales

  1. Anywhere Anytime Access
  2. Real time data access to Field Personal
  3. Accurate GPS Location Based Reports
  4. No Data Loss – Offline Data sync
  5. Even works on 2G network
  6. Compatible for Android Mobile & Tablets
  7. Photo Uploads
  8. Order History for salesman on mobile
  9. Tracking in case of no order
  10. Latest information for Salesman & Retailer
  11. Data analytic for forecast planning and expansion
  12. Sales Returns and Payment Collections

4. FieldForce

Fieldforce is top Field force management software to manage your executive on the field. our mobile app makes it easy for you to create and assign work orders, and track your team’s activities. Field service scheduling software helps entire team to communicate with real time status update.

Key features of FieldForce

  1. Work Orders
  2. Location Aware
  3. CRM Automation and Surveys
  4. Automatic Platform Sync
  5. Works Offline

5. VisitBasis

VisitBasis field service software is a an end-to-end mobile data tracking solution.  This field service scheduling software is a cloud-based SaaS software for overseeing , scheduling, and tracking field executives activities in real-time.

This Service management software permits field operations managers to manage all phases of the store audit, field sales & field sales processes, from assigning locations to scheduling  tasks to instantly retrieving outcomes through VisitBasis online dashboard and reports.

Key features of Field force Software

  1. Office managers visually assign stores to field reps, using a map.
  2. Field reps have access to all data offline and can execute tasks without an Internet connection.
  3. Unlimited photos can be collected and uploaded to the office.
  4. Add or remove users any time at no cost
  5. Visits and tasks can be scheduled by the office or on the mobile app.
  6. Field reps or office managers can optimize customer routes.
  7. Field reps can switch from one mobile device to another during the workday without losing any data.
  8. Fraud prevention by GPS tracking all field activities.
  9. Product catalog and orders/returns with multiple price lists and must-stock lists.
  10. Unlimited number of devices per user.

6. ServiceMax

ServiceMax is the undisputed leader in Filed Service management, providing cloud-based software tools that enhance the efficiency of complex, equipment-centric service execution. Top companies globally have turned to ServiceMax to increase their productivity.

Key Features of  ServiceMax

  1. Mobile field service management
  2. Schedule & dispatch
  3. Work order management
  4. Installed base
  5. Entitlements
  6. Preventive maintenance
  7. Parts management
  8. Metrics, reporting & dashboards
  9. Iot connected field service
  10. Mobile asset service management
  11. Complex jobs planning
  12. Contractor management
  13. Platform technology

7. FieldEZ

FieldEZ is Field force management software built using state-of-the-art technologies.  Field service software  digital initiatives helps many businesses across multiple domain. Field management software transforms your field operations and services using digital technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, enterprise mobility, data  analytics & insights. We provide comprehensive automation solutions for CRM based field force management applications.

Key features of Fieldz

  1. Attendance & Leave
  2. Automatic Scheduling
  3. Chat & Collaboration
  4. Client Manager (CRM)
  5. Configuration & Customization
  6. Customer Portal
  7. Dashboard & Reports
  8. Expenses & Claims
  9. Integration
  10. Inventory & Spares
  11. Invoicing & Payments
  12. Job Scheduling
  13. Messaging & Alerts
  14. Native Mobile Apps
  15. Routing & Location Tracking
  16. Warranty & Contracts
  17. Work Order Management

8. FieldSense

FieldSense Field force automation software organize & monitor your field and sales force in real-time and also gives  you a Sales Force Automation system that is continuously advancing. We have integrated workflows and location-awareness into web based dashboard and Mobile-app  that gives reasonable gains in the productivity of your field force and sales force processes.

Key features of FieldSense

  1. Location Tracking
  2. Attendance Management
  3. Visit Management
  4. Expense Reimbursement Workflow
  5. Dashboard & Insights
  6. Turn-By-Turn Navigation
  7. Customer Address Management
  8. Collaborate with Team Members
  9. Instant Messaging
  10. Activity Report Logging
  11. Custom Forms

9. Perenso

Perenso sales force automation and field sales management software optimizes the sales process and increases business productivity. Our Field service scheduling software is better known for its flexibility in giving solutions that cater to specific business requirements. Our service management software is used by different segment globally like FMCG,  OTC and pharmaceutical store.

Why choosing Preseno

  1. 20% reduced costs
  2. 20% increased sales
  3. 20% more sales calls
  4. Paperless
  5. Quick and easy
  6. Go mobile
  7. Hassle free
  8. Less is more
  9. Simple

10. FieldAssist

FieldAssist is superior sales force automation platform specially designed for FMCG sector. This marketing automation software helping over 200 companies and 30,000 sales executives enabling on-field sales more efficient, dynamic and Organized. This Field service scheduling software increases efficiency levels in the operational processes of the on-field sales force while giving real-time tracking based on historic data. This solution is SaaS based.

Key features of FieldAssist

  1. Automate Sales Processes
  2. Accelerate on-field productivity
  3. Real time Secondary Sales Data
  4. Business Intelligence for Sales Optimization
  5. Move beyond just Sales Force Management
  6. Keep Sales Stack in Sync
  7. Quick Deployment and Extensive Orientation
  8. Tailor-made with Industry Expertise