Martjack e-Commerce


Omni-channel retail enables brands to reach customers without any physical boundaries and engage with them across many touch points. Additionally, omni channel retail reduces customer acquisition costs and provides ways to measure ROI.


Key Features

  1. Capability to build and manage a centralized digital catalog that includes
    pricing, inventory, variants, content, images and rich media at the
    store level through ready-to use bulk management tools
  2. Easily manage marketing, product content and promotional banners
    with just few clicks
  3. Conveniently create landing pages and product groups
  4. Acquire new customers through a comprehensive rule-based promotions engine
  5. Create search-engine friendly eCommerce sites through our SEO
    management module
  6. Assess cross-selling and upselling opportunities to engage customers
  7. Offer product bundles based on customer purchase affinity to increase average basket size
  8. Implement location/store based products, inventory, pricing and promotions
  9. Facilitate a click-collect-deliver system that enables customers to select the preferred store and have the order either door delivered or scheduled for store pickup
  10. Manage orders across the consumer journey – from placing the order to last mile delivery using our comprehensive Order Management module
  11. Intelligently allocate order to warehouse/stores– based on distance, inventory availability and more