Capilary CRM | Customer Engagement Solutions


Continuously interact and engage with your customers through personalized recommendations, experiences, and rewards. Create world-class loyalty programs to delight customers. Capture and analyze customer feedback to continuously improve and excel in your customer engagement initiatives.


Our Key Products & Features

  • Map and analyze both online and offline customer footfall
  • Provide personalized recommendations based on segmentation, past preferences and purchase affinity
  • Assign tasks, track progress and manage performances of store associates
  • Create a card-less loyalty and rewards system with hassle-free enrollment
  • Set up a centralized program that allows customers to earn and burn points across both online and offline channels
  • Track KPIs such as reward points, earn-burn ratio, number of registrations, average price/product and more
  • Capture customer feedback through multiple channels
  • Run personalized surveys, analyze results and follow up with customers
  • Set automated campaigns to win back dissatisfied and dormant customers
  • Enhance Net Promoter Score
  • Empower store associates with unified customer data from multiple channels
  • Acquire actionable insights on customer behavior and provide personalized product recommendations
  • Convert store associates into product experts by displaying products on tablets and other devices

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