Marketing Cloud


Brands today need to quickly adapt to the changing customer preferences and connect with them through multiple online and offline channels. Continuously engage with your customers at various touchpoints with Capillary’s robust Marketing Cloud product suite.


Our Key Products & Features

  1. Create relevant and personalized omni-channel marketing campaigns through customer segmentation
  2. Track campaign performance with real-time reporting and ROI mapping
  3. Manage multiple campaigns – outbound, bounce back, referral and in-store
  4. Establish unique timelines for every customer segment
  5. Convert visitors to customers through remarketing frameworks
  6. Execute automatically triggered campaigns for specific customer behavior
  7. Reduce spam and increase reputation scores by sending the right message to the right customer
  8. Target over 80 million+ customers by leveraging Capillary’s partner network
  9. Gain access to high net worth customers
  10. Witness high redemption rates and improve your ROI
  11. Manage all CRM and social media activities from one tool
  12. Enrich customer data and obtain accurate as well as complete customer profiles
  13. Collect feedback and obtain referrals through customizable apps
  14. Generate instant vouchers for first-time visitors and repeat customers
  15. Analyze customer preferences and basket size to send customized m-vouchers