Capillary’s Analytics suite


For any business, big data and advanced analytics can offer winning insights. You can develop nuanced customer insights, design more effective pricing decisions, increase revenue and collaborate better for organizational success. Leveraging such insights can not only help you drive product innovation but also track and improve the impact of product launches in real time.


Key Features

  1. Classify customers on the basis of demographics and purchase behavior
  2. Customize reports and apply filters such as zones, stores, loyalty tiers and more
  3. Create heat maps, graphs and charts
  4. Obtain segment level KPIs and dashboards such as sales, CRM and store leader boards
  5. Generate individualized coupons to increase response rates
  6. Engage the right customer with the right offer on the right product through the right channel at the right time
  7. Deploy bounce back coupons at the store to increase basket size or arrest attrition
  8. Deploy individualized campaigns at the scale of millions of shopper lifecycles
  9. Run targeted and personalized campaigns only on channels that are relevant to your customer, reducing marketing costs
  10. Create segmented lists, save them as sticky lists and use them for easy follow-up engagements
  11. Create models that predict customer behavior and affinities
  12. Launch new products or offers to the highest affinity customer group
  13. Boost transactions by offering relevant cross-sell and upsell to shoppers
  14. Leverage predictive analytics to enhance marketing performance and ROI