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software package shipping with all necessary tools and technologies to remotely manage digital signage systems / digital notice boards. This state of the art software solution enables the organizations and advertisement agencies to easily manage their display contents at fraction of the cost compared the traditional style of content display thereby reducing the manpower requirement and increasing the ROI. 


Main Features

KTS InfoMate was developed to handle different task of Digital Signage Infrastructure which includes.

1. Create and edit different notice board layouts and contents.
2. Remote Monitoring of Digital Notice Boards
3. Transfer of Digital Notice Board contents, layouts etc from source to Notice board Display server through internet.
4. Shut Down/ Restart Digital Notice Board server form a remotely.
5. Remote Content Management and Display Management
6. Backup and Restore Data
7. Schedule different events and display it in notice board on specified date and time.
8. Unattended running of Digital Notice Board Displays.
9. Securely transfer Notice board contents over internet to the Display system server.
10. Various types of useful reports.
11. User Management and License Management.
12. Extend the applications using various plugins and KTS InfoMate SDK.
13. Online help and Video Tutorials

Office Location : Kerala

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