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Campusmate is an application software designed for easy functioning of education sectors. KTS Web has put all the efforts to make it a world class product.


CampusMate is an Excellent Education software in India

CampusMate is a Set of Software Packages produced for the smooth working of Educational Institutions. The plan of the framework to such an extent that the item takes after a module design for both Online and additionally Offline Campus Mate + Framework. The Offline system is called OfficeMate and Online module is called WebCloud. Both these structures are in close generation stage. The additional items as of now creating incorporate Library, TimeTable, confirmation, flask, store, Lab, swipe card/participation , occasion Management, CCTV Surveillance and so forth modules.

OfficeMate disconnected module consolidates different principle modules like Person Information, Department , Attendance, Fee and so on data which will be accessible to all the include ins utilizing the uncovered COM/.NET interface libraries.

KTS WebCloud online module joins a structure in which we can include n number of menus and pages progressively and different ace page designs. The framework likewise joins an intense module structure so we can include extra modules as additional items to this officially created Website system without recompiling the primary source base. This will result in more prominent profitability in and in diminished venture cost.

Different Modules of CampusMate Software

Office Automation Module

  1. The main offline application framework is plug-in based.
  2. Several useful reports.
  3. Smooth to use installation wizards.
  4. Per user based security preferences & Add-on management.
  5. Manages and tracks several activities of students and staff.
  6. 100% customizable using SDK.
  7. OfficeMate incorporates modules such as student and staff information, fee module, salary module, attendance module, etc.

Admission Automation Modules

  1. Both Online and offline application system.
  2. Settings related to admissions are very smooth to configure.
  3. Application short listing.
  4. The admission management is an add-on module for OfficeMate.
  5. Both Automatic and manual rank list generation.
  6. Generates various reports.
  7. Saves details of students at instantly , that include personal details, marks, earlier academic records, student status, correspondence, etc.
  8. fast & detailed admission.

Library Management Module

  1. Barcode integration and printing.
  2. Member management.
  3. Easy Circulation and tracking of books and medias.
  4. This is an add-on module for OfficeMate
  5. Gives information on available books.
  6. Media creation management.
  7. Search media/member in all level.
  8. Automatic creation of defaulter’s list, fine, rental rate settings.
  9. Media/book reservation, issue, return, renewal.
  10. Library related settings are very smooth to configure.

Time Table Automation Module

  1. Can tracks class hours.
  2. Analysis of teachers teaching hours.
  3. Both manual and automatic modes.
  4. Self and interactive scheduling for tutor, class and subject.
  5. This is an add-on module for OfficeMate.
  6. Easy printouts of timetables.
  7. Hassle free scheduling of tutors, classes and room.
  8. Very Smooth to use and user friendly.
  9. Offers to print or save timetable in various formats.



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