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Grow your business through better customer service with Kayako, the unified customer service platform. From startups and Fortune 100 companies to charities and governments, Kayako helps teams of all sizes get better at delivering effortless customer service experiences.


Bring it all together
Understand your customer’s context and see their CRM, event and support history in Kayako. No more switching apps and less back-and-forth.

A human touch
Treat your customer as an individual and build a unique profile with all their information in one place.

Proactivity separates the great from the good
Kayako turns your team into customer advocates, setting them up with everything they need to be proactive and deliver truly personalized service.With all your customer’s data at their fingertips, your team are able to reach out and support your customers before they come to you with a problem.

Sometimes, customers just don’t want to talk
Kayako gives your customers a 24/7 help center where they can answer their own questions – whenever, wherever.

Solve a thousand times
Build a rich and engaging knowledgebase that your customers love to use.

A more helpful Help Center
Track what your customers are searching for, what’s working well and optimize your content.

Make an impression
Easily build and customize multiple Help Centers, each with unique content and branding.

Grow your team without the growing pains
Give your team the freedom to focus on the stuff that matters by automating the repetitive parts of customer service.

Make promises, set standards and deliver.
Kayako keeps a tab on everything, making sure problems are spotted, and nothing falls through.

Customer service autopilot
Kayako automates and streamlines your workflow so you can save time and deliver smooth customer service that goes beyond delight.

At your fingertips
Kayako organizes all your customer’s data and interactions, and puts it at your team’s fingertips. Spend less time switching apps and focus on supporting your customers.

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