Improve your customer’s experience – all with one simple, easy-to-use Ticket Management System. Create your tickets into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform. Also an integrated knowledge base that helps you to find your answers instantly. Predictive Diagnostics capability allows the system to predict customer issue even before he starts typing in.


Why Choose Jsimple Support Desk?

Ticket Management
Our Ticket Management system allows the users to view as well as edit tickets all at one place, thus focussing on tickets that require immediate attention becomes easier with customizable filters.

Service Level Agreements
Setup your customer SLAs, so that your customers receive support as agreed. Automatic notifications based on SLAs can also be set up for tickets. Also define your business hours and holidays plans in the system.

Smart Knowledge Base Suggestions
Our support system suggests the best answers to a ticket from your knowledge base. So you help your customers instantly.You can also create topics for your customers and build a huge knowledge base. Solutions are fast to search and can contain attachments and images as well.

Alerts and Notifications
Acknowledge your customers when they submit request, when the status are changed and when comments are posted on the tickets. Also update yourself on new and pending tickets.

Reports and Dashboards
You can monitor ticket activity, agent performance, SLA compliance, request response time, and more. You can also filter summary information and statistics for quick view of tickets under you.

You can customize your support system by uploading your company logo, choosing your support URL, your support plans and configure your support e-mail address. You can change the look and feel according to your requirements.

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