Jsimple Performance Management System


Jsimple PMS empowers employees, as well as managers, by giving them a platform to showcase their achievements and establishing a Pay-for-Performance culture. In turn, it keeps the organization motivated through a transparent appraisal process.


Why Choose Performance Management System?

Skills Matrix and Competencies
Time for reality check! Get an understanding of where you stand in the organization based on the skill-behaviour matrix.

360 degree Review
Reviewing the team only on goals and targets is an injustice to them! Why not also use behavioural parameters to get a more holistic view of your team.

Plan a training while reviewing
Now you can plan training for your team members while identifying their training needs during appraisal.

Performance Snapshot
Give your employees a snapshot of their performance, contribution, and progress against goals and targets.

Perform and Reward
Give your Performance Management System an edge by bundling Performance and Compensation Management Solution, thereby driving a “Perform & Reward” culture.

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