eJoin – Applicant Tracking System


Join Applicant Tracking System is the most intelligent applicant tracking and recruitment software, that helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments to identify and select the right talent by tracking job applicants & openings more quickly and efficiently. 


Why Choose eJoin ATS?

Create Job Openings
Create a job opening and post it on your company website Career Page. Also, broadcast jobs to various job portals and consultants.

Track Candidates 
Define your Recruitment Process, and track candidates as they flow through multiple stages of recruitment.

Hire the Right Talent
Create custom forms with a questionaire to gather information beyond the resume. Get just the right applicants automatically filtered.

Maintain Centralized Database
Collect all job applicants data at one place, no matter where they apply from – Email, Career Portal, Job consultant, Job Boards.

Compare Candidates in Single View
Compare the shortlisted candidates in a single view without looking into their resume again.

Collaborate with Managers 
Interact and manage candidate interview scheduling with managers and capture their feedback with scores. Filter out the highest scorers.

Office Location : Noida

Source : http://jsimple.com