IT Compliance Management App


The MetricStream IT Compliance Management App provides a common framework to manage and monitor compliance with a range of IT regulations and standards. The App scales across the enterprise, streamlining and automating IT compliance workflows, while consolidating compliance and controls data in a central repository.



IT Compliance Environment Design
Maintains a central structure of the overall IT compliance hierarchy, including processes, assets, risks, controls, and audits; maps controls to compliance regulations and policies to identify gaps

IT Compliance and Control Assessments
Automates evaluations of general computer controls and application controls by importing or directly measuring IT asset level configuration settings; captures findings from vulnerability assessments, identity and access management, and SIEM processes

IT Control Self-Assessments
Helps configure and execute control surveys, self-assessments, and certifications; facilitates accountability by enforcing the flow of information, and documenting attestations and representations at appropriate stages

Issue Management and Remediation
Triggers a systematic process for documenting, investigating, and resolving IT compliance and control issues; sends out automated alerts to keep investigation and remediation task assignments on track

IT Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
Provides graphical dashboards, reports, and risk heat maps with enterprise-wide visibility into IT compliance and controls; highlights issues that need to be addressed.


  • Simplify IT compliance by leveraging a common system to manage IT regulations, controls, policies, and compliance activities
  • Stay on top of regulatory changes and updates through integration with authoritative regulatory data sources
  • Standardize and harmonize controls across multiple IT regulations, based on the industry-leading UCF framework
  • Improve efficiency by establishing systematic, automated workflows for IT compliance management
  • Gain a comprehensive, real-time view of IT compliance activities, risks, and issues

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