ICIMS Recruit is top recruitment software and applicant tracking system designed to help you grow your company with better recruiting experience.


Introduction to iCIMS Recruit

iCIMS Recruit is best recruiting software and applicant tracking system for mid size corporate and staffing industry. We are delivering integrated platform that is cloud-based recruiting software solution and unique customer experience.

Modules of iCIMS recruiting software

  1. Candidate Marketing
  2. High Volume Recruitment
  3. Reporting and Analytics
  4. Seamless Integration
  5. Global Recruiting
  6. Compliance
  7. Data Governance and Security

Our Recruitment software solutions

  1. TextRecruit
  2. iCIMS Connect
  3. iCIMS Recruit
  4. iCIMS Offer
  5. iCIMS Onboard
  6. iCIMS UNIFi