HyperSoft Payroll & HRMS


HyperSoft Payroll, a highly flexible and customizable Windows based ERP package designed to deliver excellent value for small, medium and large sized Enterprises, is brought to you by HyperSoft Technologies Limited, a company with state-of-art technology which brings several years of accumulated Industrial know-how and experience.


  1. Scaleable and Reliable : The software runs on a RDBMS at the back end which is Infinitely capable to adding data to. The software is scaleable and can grow with the size of the organization over the years.
  2. Secure : The HyperSoft software has several levels of security and access to each level is totally secured. It maintains the Integrity and Security of the accounting information.
  3. Easy to use and Customizable : The product runs on windows and has a very user friendly GUI. Application Setup and customization features gives the user enormous power to drive all his needs.
  4. LAN and WEB Applications : HyperSoft Payroll can run on any Windows compatible LAN system and can be Web enabled to broadcast the system over a wider territory.

Major Capabilities of HyperSoft Payroll

  1. Complete Payroll Management
  2. Human Resource Databank
  3. Automatic Attendance Recording & Monitoring System
  4. Annual Increments
  5. Labor Agreement Adjustments
  6. All Statutory Records Generation
  7. PF Trust Account Maintenance
  8. Income Tax Auto Calculation
  9. Retirement Benefits Records
  10. Complete Salary, Benefits, Allowances, etc with deductions.
  11. Wages Payout – Location Wise
  12. Pension Calculations and Reports