HR and Payroll software permits business enterprise to generate pay slips and salary register, based on the attendance of the employees taking care of leaves, additional time, allowances, loans, advance, bonus, encashment and other standard deductions like PF, ESIC, professional Tax and income Tax etc


HR and Payroll Software includes

  1. Employee Details (HRM) Employee
  2. Salary Details (Payroll)
  3. Appraisal/Transfer (HRM)
  4. Leave Management (Payroll)
  5. Employee Recruitment And Training (HRM)
  6. Report (HRM and Payroll)

Benefits of HR and Payroll Software

  1. Benefits of HR and Payroll Software
  2. This software will reduce the work load of HR, employees of the company and other staff also.
  3. Give you and your HR employee’s time for other works.
  4. It also facilitates faster access of HR related information.
  5. It manages the entire information of the employees from the time they are recruited till the time they leave the company.
  6. It provides Security of Data and Right Management.
  7. Easy to Install, Implement and Use.
  8. Increase efficiency of Payroll Process.
  9. More accurate Payroll Tax Records.
  10. More Organized Record Keeping.
  11. Flexibility for Payroll Changes.
  12. Maintain Leave and Attendance Report.
  13. Accurate Salary Reports.
  14. Accurate PF, ESIC, Professional Tax and Income Tax Reports.
  15. Save time and money compared to traditional payroll services.
  16. Payroll software offers a variety of tax services including calculating taxes and deduction and local taxes.
  17. Easily Data Search Facility.
  18. Edit or Modify Facility.