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Event Track is dedicated to Event Companies, the perfect solution for professional Event Planners to effectively plan the key elements of an event. Event Track is ideal for Meetings, Conferences, Tradeshows, Weddings, Parties and Fundraisers.


User Management
You can create level of access for particular user and multiple options for determining the level of access.

Client Management
You can manage your client information associated with your event project.

Track record
Able to record all ongoing communication for specific event.

Day, Month, Year, status, payment wise and many more.

You decide each event’s web status, i.e. start, completed or payment status.

We are providing the support to customize event software based on your special requirement.

User Policy
Anyone can create/view/manage events at any time from anywhere with internet access!

Software Masters
You can define various master entry to avoid retyping.

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