HealPro Pharma+


This is comprehensive solution suited for Retail Pharmacy Management. It is Powerful, Reliable, Super-efficient, Flexible, Business Intelligent, Economic, Intuitive, ‘GST’ Compliant and easy to use.


It is specially developed for Medical Retail Shops, Pharmacies or Medical/Drug Stores. It is the Complete Solution for the Unique Business Processes and Needs of the Pharmacy. This Software for Individual Shop or Retail Chain is designed to Handle all the Needs in Most Efficient, Effective & Accurate Way. The System is integrated with Laptops, Tablets, PDAs, Mobile Device.

Key modules of this software

  1. Supplier Management
  2. Customer Management
  3. Product Management
  4. Manufacturer Management
  5. Purchase Order
  6. Purchase
  7. Purchase Return & Settlements
  8. Sales Order
  9. Sales Return
  10. GST Number Validation
  11. GST Management
  12. Credit Note
  13. Debit Note
  14. Replacement
  15. Expiry
  16. Stock Management
  17. Transfer of Goods
  18. M.I.S Reports
  19. Financial Accounting