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English Mentor – The Top Education Software in the Market

The significance of the English dialect in this time of globalization can’t be exaggerated. It is additionally important to secure capability in English at an early age, so the difficulties of tomorrow can be taken care of with certainty. Keeping in mind the end goal to help accomplish this goal, Educomp has thought of a one of a kind English learning program-English Mentor which gets ready students to ace English dialect. This software is designed to comply the requirements of education software.

The program has been fastidiously composed remembering the education needs of students from each review with the goal that the comprehension of the language and its basics get guzzled in a fun and intriguing condition. It offers the best modules as far as Continuous assessment, Content, Teaching skill and Methodology.

At the core of English Mentor, is a scope of imaginative innovation based modules that utilization a well-ordered procedure to enable students to hone their Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing aptitudes.

With English Mentor, English, the dialect the world talks – will never again be the hindrance amongst circumstance and ability as your students take a gander at the future past school.

English Mentor has various exceedingly helpful highlights like:

Read and Write mentor

Calling this device fundamental would be an error. Read and Write Tutor makes utilization of a large group of advanced advances particularly produced for students over all ages. It enhances perusing and composing ability in more courses than one.

Word reference

Get rid of a physical lexicon, simply feature a word and the students can get the opportunity to see its significance. As straightforward as that.

Vernacular Translator

Perfect for ESL or virtual students, the Vernacular Translator enables the understudy to get the interpretation of English words in his/her primary language at the snap. The interpreter is right now accessible in 7 Indian dialects.

Picture Dictionary

Pictures can talk a thousand words, which is the reason picture lexicon helps understudies, especially the essential review students, to recollect the correct significance of words.

Tense Simulator

Is it, ‘he has gone home, or he has went home?’ Trying to retain first, second and third types of verbs, however, neglecting to apply it while composing isn’t new to this age. TENSE SIMULATOR enables such students to get their strained right even as they are composing.

Work Sheet Generator

This apparatus is otherwise called Vocabulary List (VL). Students can feature troublesome words and the Vocabulary List opens up which elucidates the significance of the word as well as represents its different utilization with the goal that the Students can disguise the new word and effectively begin utilizing it.

Read The Text

Any archive word or PDF is perused out by the Read The Text programming utilizing impartial emphasize Indian voice. Students can utilize this element to tune in to sections from their own particular course books as well, which is much better than quiet perusing.

Listening Comprehension

Listening Comprehension is story time! It is a gathering of fascinating audio sound stories. These stories are precisely chosen by the distinctive evaluations. Kids can tune in to these stories, they can play and replay it. After every story, the storyteller asks a couple of inquiries and every kid can react to it contingent upon his capacity and listening abilities. The product gives adequate chances to the kids to share and talk about these with their examination accomplices. Aside from their consistent assessment, every story time is trailed by connecting with an interactive games. This element of English Mentor enables youngsters to grow great listening capacities, and articulation also.

Spoken English

Communicated in English, as the name proposes, centers around creating talking abilities. With very much organized portions, each committed to building up a specific expertise or capability, the Spoken English segment will enable students to ace the study of talking well ordered.

Word Stress and Sentence Stress

While the Word Stress area enables students to get their syllable pressure appropriate to articulate a word accurately, the Sentence Stress portion centers around a vital part of the irregular discourse which loans significance to a sentence.

Subject Specific Words

Another incredible component, this device will help understudies in elocution of logical terms and other subject particular vocabulary.

Public Speaking Activities

With a “see-it and do-it” plan and with a training action after each module, English Mentor’s open talking fragment will empower students to shed their hindrances, get their non-verbal communication and voice projection appropriate to end up capable speakers-a fundamental ability that will work well for them later on past school.

Combination Sounds

To assist students with right articulation, Combination Sounds has video accounts of different precarious sounds in the English dialect, and students can hear them out and rehash them and again till they hit the nail on the head.

Exercises and Games

Learning ends up easy when it is fascinating. English Mentor has built up a large group of exercises and gaming choices that remove the worry from learning. Highlights like Story Telling and Cricket amusements change the learning knowledge totally.

Grammer Enhancement Activities

For what reason should language structure be exhausting? Syntax Enhancement Activities have a fabulous time filled amusements to test the understudy’s information of language structure and its use.

Fluency Tutor

Fluency Tutor changes the manner in which oral reading is produced and evaluated. With Fluency Tutor, students can hone their perusing, be surveyed and in a split second see their improvement. Instructors can survey and individualize directions and can track students’s change. The whole program is created to make adapting simple and viable with the assistance of different issue free navigation system.

Fluency Tutor accompanies Lexile Level Assessment, a product which encourages students to record their readings and evaluates their rate of discourse in view of which they will be requested to back off or accelerate and the educator/instructor can screen the recorded documents and give a point by point input on the execution.

Reading Practice

Sections are perused out for students to tune in to. At that point students can work on perusing and recording similar entries on which the assignment happens.


Students can take understanding test on the sections being perused out.