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Educomp SmartClass is undoubtedly the best choice amongt educators. Explore this features rich software in school and educational institutions to get the most of educational software.


Advantages of having Educomp SmartClass in your Education System

Educomp smartclass did what nobody had ever thought of previously, carry innovation into the classroom. It brought a comprehensive storehouse of world class computerized modules or exercises, (comprising of 2D and 3D activitys, designs, sound and video) regarding each matter in the K12 range, which the instructor could without much of a stretch access in the classroom that lit up and clarified unique and troublesome ideas with liquid clarity. The outcome was stunning.

Information thrived liberated from the hundreds of years old obligations of books and chalk and writing board. Another light of understanding unfolded on youthful stirred personalities. What’s more, the classroom turned into a captivating spot to be in as another age of students saw (rather than simply being told and clarified) out of the blue how things happened. Furthermore, the instructors grinned as they presently observed not only one, a few but rather an ocean of hands go up each time they made an inquiry.

Transforming Education with Educomp Smartclass

In any case, the time was quick drawing nearer for transformative and transformational change. For about 2 years beginning end 2009, the research organization at smartclass has been grinding away committing a large number of man days to execute the most complete re-designing of its kind to make smartclass a genuinely 21st century educating learning. What’s more, the outcome is stunning new symbol of Educomp smartclass-re-initiated befittingly as smartclass CTS(Class Transformation System)

Teacher Friendly System

Educomp smartclass achieves an entire change in classrooms. The Science instructor while clarifying how a DNA recreates can demonstrate the class a 3D liveliness of the DNA replication process on a substantial screen. They can clarify the fine purposes of the procedure, zoom in to demonstrate the significant visuals, solidify and explain when and where They need to underline. Likewise the History educator demonstrates the class a virtual stroll through of the Harappan Civilisation.

Revealing the important parts well-ordered as a piece of their exercise plan , while the Geography educator demonstrates a virtual Block mountain being framed… all with connecting with movements, hues, music, sounds and voice. The educators increase finish consideration and enthusiasm of each youngster in the class. Each kid gets a visual contribution on how it happens and the ideas are surely knew and disguised.

With Class Transformation System significantly more is conceivable. The science educators can utilize a Diagram Drawer which plays a well ordered line drawing movement of say how to draw phases of DNA replication or square mountain arrangement.

Features of Educom SmartClass

  1. Smartclass enables teachers to immediately assess and analyze the learning achieved by their students in class.
  2. Gives quick formative analysis of learning results in class.
  3. It brings concise and difficult curriculum concepts to life in the classrooms.
  4. Increases teacher efficiency  and productivity in class.
  5. Keeps Learning a fun experience for students.
  6. Enhance academic performance of students.

Educomp Smartclass education software is adopted by more than 15k institutional body to improve their education system worlwide.




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