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Vichara’s V-Star Solutions sets a new standard in high-performance computing for trading analytics, valuation and risk management software for the fixed income market participants.V* solutions also include products for high performance data management, analysis & modelling associated with these asset classes.


V* Advantages

  • Modular Design
  • Ability to integrate with proprietary risk models
  • Open and extensible architecture

V* Solutions Suite provides rich out-of-the-box functionality yet affords its users the opportunity to customize the product to meet specialized needs, thus setting a new standard in analytics, valuation and risk software.

Cloud-ready for computationally intensive applications

Evaluating structured finance positions is computationally intensive. V* has been designed from the ground up to work in parallel across many cores, whether on an client grid or a commercial cloud. The ability to work with commercial clouds has enabled rapid deployment for customers who do not have a grid or whose grids are already overloaded.

Designed for very large volumes of data

Data Management, Risk Engines and Reporting modules of V* platform provide users with efficient handling of gigabytes of bond-, deal-, and loan-level information, high speed cash flow computations across thousands of securities and hundreds of scenarios, integrated with industry-leading and proprietary risk models, and high level of customizations.

Industry leading support

  • Rapid out-of-the-box implementation
  • Analytics quality assurance
  • Proprietary applications development
  • Rapid customization, development and integration services
  • Hands-on senior management

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