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Operating a driving school can be a lot harder than you ever thought. There are a lot of little things that need to be handled and you can be certain that nothing is forgotten. By installing driving school software on your computer – and even using a mobile app from your phone – you have access to all of the databases and reports you need.


Manage All of Your Customers

Whether you have a few customers or a lot of them, you need to manage them on the computer – not in paper files. With everyone’s information loaded on the computer, you can access at all times from a desktop or mobile device.

Your students can also be sent emails to tell them about your driving school. You can choose to send an email to any of your customers or export a list to send to specific groups. These emails can be about specials, promotions or other news about your driving school.

Managing the relationship you have with all of your customers will lead to higher levels of satisfaction. This can also improve worth of mouth to give you more new customers.

Schedule Tasks Efficiently

No task should go undone. If you are constantly busy, you need to keep your tasks written down so that none go without being finished. Once you load all of your tasks, you can also delegate some of them to other users.

You can task calls and other activities to do. This will help you stay in touch with customers, vendors and employees much more effectively. Multiple day view calendars will also allow you to visualize your week better.

Maintain All of Your Billing

Billing is what will ensure you stay in the black instead of falling into the red. You need to pay your bills on time and collect payments promptly from your customers. By managing all of this in one program, you can avoid forgetting to do something. you can even access your financial reports.

ServiceCEO Office Edition is just what you need to organize your driving school business. You can eliminate piles of paperwork and start focusing on the details of your operation. You can maximize profits and improve productivity throughout all aspects of your driving school.

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