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Scheduler v2.0 is a web based product specifically designed for driving schools. Scheduling has never been easier. Both You and your entire office can share side-by-side schedules for driving appointments, view daily and weekly schedules, concurrently view student, instructor and vehicle availability, assign area coverage, view and create business reports, and many more other features. 


Solution Features:

Instructor and Student Availability: Conflict Proof
No more double booking. Graphically displayed availability will enable you to make the best decision about which instructor and which vehicle to use. You will also be able to enter student availability should you choose to. Having student availability entered prior to scheduling an instructor will help you further streamline the process.
Student Information
Maintain accurate student information. Easily add or edit student information that would accessible to you whenever needed. Tomorrow or two years from today. Information would be available.
Student Search
Student search capability enables you to search for students both present or past. By entering their name, account type, or any other criteria you can easily obtain access to student information. Click here for sample video.
Staff Individual Accounts
Create and manage individual accounts for office staff and instructors. You will be able to view staff information, set account status and manage staff information. Click here for sample video.
User Access Rights
This feature lets you control which features member may use. The program will not allow the member to schedule, or delete or modify information. As part of our setup you can create user groups and assign specific rights to those groups. (i.e. instructor may only view schedule but not modify it) .
Staff Vacations, Sick Days, … Availability
Keep up with your staffs vacations, days off and working hours. If you instructor works only certain hours you will be able to enter them into the Scheduler and instructors availability will be based on time entered.
Vehicle Availability and Information Management
Each of your vehicles can have an account through which you can track availability and status of each vehicle. A single click can make your vehicle available or unavailable if being repaired. Each vehicle could be assigned to an office location. Changing the location is just a click away. Click here for sample video.
Multi-Office Location
More than one location? No problem. Simply create new office location. Basic information as well as area coverage could be assigned to each.
Information Access
Because our program is 100% web based both you and your staff will have access to information from any computer any time. Your instructor is able to login into his/her account and view their schedule for the following day or week or enter their availability.
Since Scheduler v2.0 is NOT an out of the box solution your scheduler could be fully customized. If you need any feature that is not part of our standard package we can customize your scheduler to meet your specific needs. Please contact our sales office and send us your request.
E-mail Notifications: To Instructor, Student and Parent
Automatic e-mail reminders are sent to your instructor, students, and their parents to remind them of an upcoming appointment, or when a new appointment is set.
Security: Passwords, Encryption, Data Backup
In addition to our rigorous physical security, your data is protected through password protected access, and latest 128 Bit SSL Encryption. As part of our service we also daily backup all of the data. Data could be also emailed to you and available for download.
Disaster Proof
If you live in areas prone to flooding, tornadoes or hurricanes, rest assure. Your data is safely tucked away from any natural or man made disasters. If your office is gone your data is not. In a metter of minutes you should be back in business accesing your data and information.

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