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GPS/GPRS tracking solution is best suited for all vehicles to track them 24/7 with the help of satellites and internet. It’s a unique way for companies and individuals to monitor and control their vehicles, by using internet or mobile phones from anywhere. It also enables you to monitor accurately the movements of your employees, children or any other asset on move.


Tracking Methods

Web Based Tracking

  • Access to tracking platform software
  • Live tracking, Summary view, History view
  • Users can configure speed limits, geo-fence for alerts
  • Configure Email id and Mobile number for getting alerts
  • Review performance reports on current and historical dates
  • Reports such as Ignition time, idle time, History report, Speed report, A.C. usage reports etc.
  • Tracking one or more vehicles through single login.
  • Option to download the report data into Excel or PDF
  • Many more features…

Desktop Based Tracking

  • Install mobile APP on smart phone
  • Live tracking, Summary view
  • Option to get location status without internet
  • Easy to use app

SMS Based Tracking

  • Get vehicle location by sending SMS on demand
  • Receive Over speed, Geo-fence IN/OUT, Power disconnect, SOS Alerts
  • Daily summary

Email tracking

  • Receive daily summary email
  • Over speed, Geo-fence IN/OUT, Power disconnect, SOS alerts

Features of Trace My Vehicle tracking system:

  • See a moving Vehicle/Asset in Google maps in real time on PC or internet enabled Mobile Phone.
  • Review your assets’ history by drawing reports of its movements including distance covered, speed, places visited over a given period of time either online or in offline mode.
  • See group of vehicles together on the same screen with position automatically being updated in real time.
  • This unique GPS Monitoring System makes recovery of stolen vehicles possible based on true GPS satellite signals.
  • Works throughout the globe.
  • Ability to set up Geographical Virtual fence simply by clicking on the map (Automatic alerts are released when the vehicle enters or leaves the geo-fence).
  • Lock / unlock doors of the vehicle from computer / mobile.
  • Switch off engine / fuel pump in case of theft.
  • Press panic button (SOS) in case of emergency for automatic distress message to call center / mobile.
  • Works even when battery is disconnected (with backup battery provided in the kit).
  • Many useful reports like distance travelled in a day for a given period, over speeding, places visited, vehicle group summary, current fleet status, speed analysis etc. may be drawn at the click of the mouse.
  • This GPS device may be installed on any 12V~24V DC machinery / vehicle.
  • Hardware may be shifted from one vehicle to another with ease.
  • Automatically locates nearest vehicle from a group of vehicles to be deployed to a desired location.
  • Greater number of pickups and deliveries in a day on account of efficient fleet monitoring.
  • Increased on time performance.

Extra Features:

  • Add place mark & geo-fence: Using this feature customer can upload his own location names in software.
  • Place marks categories: Areas for location name can be saved using this option
  • Map preferences : Default zoom level can be set using this option
  • Geo-Fence: User can define boundaries for vehicle. If vehicle crosses certain limit then it will give alert for geo-fence in/out
  • Custom Reports can be developed as customization.
  • Integrate any third party application as per the requirement as customization.
  • Branding package to enable dealers to market the solution with their own brand name.
  • RFID attendance tracking integrated with GPS tracking for school buses, corporate cabs, etc.
  • Gateway SMS integration for sending alerts to parents, passengers, owners etc.

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