Cozy Infosystems is a well known name in the domain of software development and IT services. Our mission is to provide world class IT services in cost and time effective manner. Cozy Infosystems has always utilized its expertise of software development and have been providing high quality of software development services to its clients. Highly experienced and dedicated team of Cozy Infosystems always focuses on creativity and innovation and this approach of work makes Cozy Infosystems a better service provider in the market. Cozy Infosystems always give enough space to creativity and innovation and thus it leads to provide customized and unique solution to every client.


Team Cozy Infosystems understands the value of automated systems and software which plays a significant role in transforming a business enterprise into a better, cost effective and efficient business machineries. Providing customized solution to every client is the specialty of Cozy Infosystems. Our result oriented activities by employing latest tools and techniques enables us to provide a very cost effective software development services. Our simple methodology of work and well organized process of team work and regular communication with clients leads us to reach to the perfection.

Our Domain Expertise

  1. Workflow Automation
  2. Loyalty Card Application
  3. E-commerce Applications
  4. Retail Point-of-Sale (POS) Software Applications
  5. Healthcare Management Software