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Enhance your Outlook or Gmail inbox with ContactMonkey’s powerful sales toolkit. Advanced email tracking, Salesforce integration, email scheduling, and mass emails – all in one easy-to-use sidebar. Trusted daily by over 100,000 users, 1,200 sales teams, and leading names including Amazon, Expedia, Oracle, and TELUS. See what happens after you hit send.


Email Tracking

  1. Track all your emails automatically – right from your Outlook or Gmail inbox
  2. Get a desktop notification every time your email is opened or clicked
  3. See when your emails have been opened, from where and on which device

Salesforce Integration

  1.  1-click add emails to any standard or custom object
  2.  Update, access & manage your Salesforce data from your Outlook or Gmail inbox
  3.  Unlimited email tracking
  4. Send mass personalized emails and sync them to Salesforce

Mail Merge

  1. Send mass emails to up to 200 contacts that maintain the feel of a one-on-one email
  2. Track every email open and link click sent in your merge
  3. Add attachments to your mass messages, so everyone sees your proposal

Gmail Delay Send

  1. Schedule emails so your messages are delivered when your recipient will actually see them
  2. Choose your message’s send time – down to the day, hour, and minute

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