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LabSmart is the best lab management software in India. It helps you manage and monitor every functions in the pathology of clinic ...

Alosan LIMS

Alosan LIMS

Alosan LIMS is user-friendly Lab Management System. This LIMS tool is windows based  solutions for Pathology Labs. It gives many ...

My Lab

My Lab

My Lab is leading Lab Management system designed and developed with an urge to help to the pathology sector. This product is a ...

Cloudchowk LIMS

Cloudchowk LIMS

Cloudchowk LIMS robust and  integrated cloud based lab management software to manage your lab and collaborate with doctors as ...

Pathology Lab Software

Pathology Lab Software

ACGIL's Pathology Lab Software  aims to offer services to help customers achieve their business objectives. This is top lab ...

Maxim LIS

Maxim LIS

Maxim LIS is very flexible, robust and comprehensive lab software that helps to manage and store data involve during diagnosis of ...



OasisLIMS is the most comprehensive Lab Information management system. It provides module that helps organization to effectively ...



Attune Lab Management software helps you accelerate TAT, reduce Costs, Increase Revenue, Scale your Business. Streamline your ...

Quartzy Lab Software

Quartzy Lab Software

Quartzy Lab Software is the most comprehensive and leading cloud-based lab management platform. This Lab information system is ...



LabWare is trusted Laboratory Information Management System and Electronic Laboratory Notebook functioning as an integrated ...


What is Lab Software?

Lab Software or laboratory information management system is a software category designed specially to manage modern lab. It helps you manage sample and instruments needed for smooth functioning of Lab. today almost every lab is using some LIMS software to increase productivity and enhance efficiency of the lab

Key features of Lab Software

  1. Sample management
  2. Instrument management
  3. Data management
  4. Workflow management

Top 10 Lab Software

1. Alsosan LIMS

Introduction to Alosan LIMS

Alosan LIMS is windows based user-friendly Lab Management System for Pathology Labs. This Laboratory software provides features of Reporting, Billing, Accounting, Reagent Management & Interfacing. This Pathology Management software is available in Enterprise, Professional and Economy Edition. This Clinical Lab Data Management software can be used, for automation of any Medical Laboratory.

Key features of  Alosan LIMS

  1. Reporting
  2. Billing
  3. Accounting
  4. Hematology Analyzer Interfacing
  5. Biochemistry Analyzer Interfacing
  6. Endocrinology Analyzer Interfacing
  7. Reagent Management
  8. Report Emailing Facility.
  9. Digital Signature Facility.
  10. Inventory Stock
  11. Payroll Management
  12. Automatic Backup,Quick Data Restore Facility.
  13. User Security Management

2. My Lab

My Lab is windows-based Pathology Reporting software for Diagnostic Centre . Our Lab management software is very Easy to use and manage lab sample and instruments details.

Key features of  My Lab

  1. Configure your pathology in terms of tests,profiles,report layouts,technicians,and referring doctors.
  2. Deliver quick reports as a need of an hour,keeping pace with the latest e-media.
  3. Interface with cell counters and generations pictorial reports thereby avoiding human interference.
  4. Takes care of your business by updating about the status of referred patients.
  5. Administrative and commercial summary at the end of the day.
  6. Values your data by giving single click backup.
  7. Neat and clean reports takes care of your precious time by avoiding daily hassles of going through tedious technical details.
  8. Security level keeps your commercial data separate from administration activities.
  9. Context sensitive help with built in dictionary.

3. CloudChowk LIMS

Cloudchowk LIMS is leading cloud-based Lab Information Management System built to take care of all necessary lab operations. Handling health information for patients was not easy. Our patient health software helps patients to manage medical information as well as take appointments.

Key Features of CloudChowk LIMS

  1. Centralized branch management
  2. Inventory management
  3. Patient history and reports
  4. SMS and email
  5. Available on iOS and Android
  6. Access medical reports
  7. Monitor health on the go with our apps on iOS and Android
  8. Compare reports
  9. All reports at one place
  10. Secure data access in the cloud

4. Acgil Lab Software

Acgil Pathology Lab Software is designed to centralize entire database and modules of hospitals, clinic and lab. This Lab management tool helps you easily access data like pre-booking, online receipt, billing of tests, reports and delivery.

Key features of  Acgil Lab Software

  1. Enhanced inventory management
  2. Sample prioritization
  3. Extensive customer record keeping
  4. powerful search
  5. Online receipt
  6. Easy customization
  7. Patient record keeping management
  8. Back-up facility

5. Maxim LIS

Maxim LIS is comprehensive Lab management system developed by Birlamedisoft. This integrated Lims software helps lab operator and technicians to store information during diagnosis. This Lab management software helps you in keeping healthy and happy customers by reducing your efforts.

Key features of  Maxim LIS

  1. Masters
  2. Internet & Intranet Based
  3. Easy Add/Edit/Search
  4. Billing
  5. Specimen
  6. Admin Section
  7. Reports
  8. Test Results

6. OasisLIMS

OasisLIMS is trusted lab management system used by many laboratories to manage their entire operations.  This Pathology software is pre-validated out-of-the-box solution with web based capabilities and advanced controllability. This Lab inventory management software is fully compliant with many regulatory guidelines.

Key features of  OasisLIMS

  1. Scheduling of water and environmental monitoring samples
  2. Tracking analyst training, certification and qualification
  3. Automated on-line test method calculations and specification checking
  4. End-to-end sample workflow with reporting and charting
  5. Consumables inventory tracking including reagents and standards
  6. Work review routing and sign off
  7. Staged Labels printing
  8. Stability testing and inventory management
  9. Specifications Management and Review
  10. Full sample life cycle management to monitor and control raw materials, in-process and finished products quality
  11. Dashboards / Alerts – Reminders
  12. Lot and batch management
  13. Instrument calibration, certification and maintenance

7. Attune Lab Software

Attune Lab Management Software helps address important functions of pathologist and lab owners. This Pathology software  helps in faster processing of samples, dealing with the unpredictability of number of samples to be processed on a daily basis for planning resource and reagents, and most of all the need to grow and scale the business to multiple centers and cities, fast.

Key features of Attune 

  1. Pathologist Authorization
  2. Management Information System Reports
  3. Central Device Monitor (Mini-Middleware LIS)
  4. Device Interfacing
  5. Lab Decision Support System
  6. Pre-analytical Sample Tracking
  7. Billing Sample Registration
  8. Home Collection
  9. Sample Storage and Archival
  10. Ancillary Analytical Workflows
  11. Inventory Consumption & Reagent Tracking
  12. System Administration Controls
  13. Lab Cash & Credit Billing
  14. Report Printing and Dispatch
  15. Analytical Workflow
  16. Client Management, Invoicing & Credit Control

8. Quartzy Lab Software

Quartzy lab software is the world’s leading free solution for consolidating lab supply ordering, purchasing, and inventory tracking. This Pathology lab software helps you streamline each and every process in lab. This Lims software Manage incoming supply requests for approval or immediate purchase in one place.

Key features of Quartzy Lab Software

  1. Industry-leading support
  2. Proactive order tracking
  3. Customer advocacy
  4. Streamline supply requests
  5. Enjoy automatic order updates
  6. Advanced search and filtering
  7. Track item locations and freezer boxes
  8. Track lab-made stuff, too

9. Labware

Labware is Enterprise Laboratory Platform replaces traditional LIMS and ELN concepts and extends them even further by adding complementary capabilities and technologies. Customers use this Pathology software for seamless integration.  We offer Lims software that is a single system that meets the diverse needs of the modern laboratory.

Key features of  Labware

  1. Reduced costs and improved efficiency
  2. Improved transparency to lab work status
  3. Flexibility to accommodate new requirements
  4. Improved quality and compliance

10. LabSmart

LabSmart is complete solutions to manage your pathology. This Lab management software is robust, comprehensive and flexible enough to handle the operations related to lab. This Laboratory software helps you store data online for easy access from your devices like mobile phones, tablets and desktop screen, anywhere at anytime.

Key features of  LabSmart

  1. Access your Lab online, from your Mobile Phone
  2. Fully Customized Lab, Digital X-ray and USG Reports
  3. SMS, Email, WhatsApp Lab Report
  4. Pathologist E-sign
  5. Error Free Pathology Reports
  6. Brand yourself
  7. One click Business Reports
  8. Print Referral Business
  9. Increase Returning of Patients
  10. Print receipts with Thermal Printers
  11. Billing System Integrated with Reporting system
  12. Online Customer Support