LabSmart is the best lab management software in India. It helps you manage and monitor every functions in the pathology of clinic or institutions.


Introduction to LabSmart – Pathology software

LabSmart is complete solutions to manage your pathology. This Lab management software is robust, comprehensive and flexible enough to handle the operations related to lab. This Laboratory software helps you store data online for easy access from your devices like mobile phones, tablets and desktop screen, anywhere at anytime.

Key features of our lab software

  1. Access your Lab online, from your Mobile Phone
  2. Fully Customized Lab, Digital X-ray and USG Reports
  3. SMS, Email, WhatsApp Lab Report
  4. Pathologist E-sign
  5. Error Free Pathology Reports
  6. Brand yourself
  7. One click Business Reports
  8. Print Referral Business
  9. Increase Returning of Patients
  10. Print receipts with Thermal Printers
  11. Billing System Integrated with Reporting system
  12. Online Customer Support