Asterisk | Click to Call Solutions


This is a service that let the user click a bottom and speak immediately with the customer. It can either be delivered over VoIP or customer that request an immediate call back. The important of this is that it’s allow the companies to monitor the online visitors form a websites. It is very efficient and simple method to connect in two phones.


Feature of Asterisk Click to call Solution

  • Call Details recording generation
  • Ability to upload rate cards from text files, excel and csv
  • N-level failover for trunks
  • Call Rating
  • Manage  Profile
  • Browse rates
  • Us click to call to connect two phones
  • Top up prepaid account
  • Various reports such as CDR, payments, etc.
  • Manage the customers
  • Manage providers
  • Manage the trunk groups
  • Manage the rate cards
  • Manage rates

Advantage of Using Asterisk using the Click to Call Solution

  • Increase the revenue of the company
  • Efficiently manage trunks, providers, customers and rate cards
  • No need to  download and install any software on customers computer
  • Prevent frauds by using the prepaid billing system

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