AmazingHiring is a superb recruiting tool that enables you find tech candidates faster. AI-based technology increases response rate, helps verify tech talents expertise and experience.


Introduction to AmazingHiring

AmazingHiring is a web-based recruiting software and ATS system. It automatically searches for the best talents across 50+ sources. AI-based technology assists to save time on candidate pre-screening. Our tool is capable of sourcing passive candidates, those who don’t post resumes on the job boards. Your staffing teams do not need specific knowledge to source technical specialists – just set the initial parameters to get the best match.

Why choosing our talent acquisition tool

  1. Find People Faster
  2. Discover the Best Talent
  3. Improve Your Response Rate

Key features of our recruiting tool

  1. Search Across 50+ Networks in One Click
  2. Automate Sourcing with AI-Technology
  3. Discover Candidates Professional Background
  4. Improve Your Tech Assessment
  5. Reach Out to the Best Candidates Directly
  6. Create Targeted Messages to Candidates
  7. Double Your Pipeline
  8. Manage Your Pipeline
  9. Accelerate Your Sourcing with Free Chrome Extension