Allplan Architecture


Allplan Architecture is the best Building Information Modeling solution for Architects giving end-to-end creativity and project control.


Introduction to Allplan Architecture

Allplan Architecture is the complete BIM solution for Architects allowing unlimited creativity combined with efficient project documentation. This latest architect software helps you design buildings with even greater geometrical complexity using new functionality such as the new levels and planes manager.

Key features of our Architecture design software

  1. Increase of user-defined roles in the Actionbar
  2. Intuitive Level and Plane Management
  3. Optimized Properties Palette
  4. Time-saving modeling of stairs
  5. Improved teamwork for Architects and Engineers
  6. Better Overview with improved Object Palette
  7. New Grids
  8. Multiple Enhancements within PythonParts
  9. Integration of Steel section library via Allplan Bimplus
  10. Enhancements of the IFC4 interface
  11. New Features for international project work



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