Education Management Software


Candour Systems has built Education Management Software to automate educational institutions in a more efficient way. It’s a cloud based ERP Software.


Introduction to Education Management Software

This simple to use education management software is user-friendly cloud based school erp software. The basic purpose of this school management software is to provide whole administration in an organization.

Modules of Education Management System

School ERP software is comprehensive solution which deals with various activities of an educational institution like institution management, student management, administrative functions, etc.

  1. Homework Management
  2. Biometric Integration
  3. Transport Management
  4. Reporting
  5. System Administration
  6. E-Learning System
  7. Fees and fine management
  8. Parent Teacher Interaction
  9. Quiz Management System
  10. Skill-Based Management
  11. Attendance Management
  12. Inventory Management
  13. Online Admission management
  14. Timetable Management
  15. Work Allocation System
  16. Daily Activities And Reception management
  17. Discipline Management
  18. Library Management
  19. Examination Management
  20. Advance CCE
  21. Alert Management