Zoho People is #1 trusted Human Resource Management software across the globe. Try this Cloud based HR Software.


Introduction to Zoho People

Zoho people works to make a happier workforce.We cover all your Human Resource procedures while you take care of your employees. Right from on boarding and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals, software covers covers everything.

Features of Zoho People

Tailor-made features for you

HR includes various complex capacities and handling. With this tool, you get a straightforward yet far reaching and adaptable framework to deal with all your HR procedures so you can concentrate more on your employees.

Oversee information effectively

Streamline both your information gathering and secure stockpiling with our employee database administration framework. Set up your association and keep up the entirety of your representative records in a single focal area.

Easy HR administration

Zoho People gives every tool you require to enable your HR to staff and representatives stay proficient, progressive, and gainful, even in a hurry.

Lift your execution assessments

Change the manner in which you do reviews, and see positive advancements reflected in worker performance. Give and get feedback consistently, utilize assessment modules like KRA and Goals and tweak your appraisal cycle.

Case Management

Most HRs require a smoother system through which all representatives can contact HR. With Zoho People, workers can start inquiries, and HR can sort, track and resolve issues on time, constantly.

Connect with your workers

As HR staff, you realize that building a shared working environment is crucial for your representatives to flourish. Zoho People enables representatives to track their exercises as well as their cooperation.

Document Management

In the case of sending offer letters, contracts, or refreshing your arrangements, there will never be been a superior method to oversee and share all your HR records.

Customize the manner in which you work

Make Zoho People work the manner in which you do with our broad customization of structures and work processes. Art the framework you require with fields and tabs that fit your industry and hierarchical parameters.