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WFX PLM provides a holistic view of product-related business processes and information throughout the product development lifecycle-from product conception, design to production, product change management, delivery and analysis. WFX PDM PLM is a fitting Apparel Product Dvelopment Software.


Features & Functionality of WFX Web Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)   Software
  • Catalog Management – Create on-line catalogs through Product Lifecycle Management PDM PLM, with a complete Specifications Bank, where all style information, size, technical and packaging details are stored as well as buyer and supplier approvals. The latest revision is always accessible to all.
  • Collection Planning – Get specific information on products likes individual style details
  • Design Collaboration – Shorten product development cycles by enabling employees from different offices to share relevant style and product information, sample requests along with Time & Action approvals.
  • Updated Information – Update colors, prices and other style information at any time through WFX Product Lifecycle Management Software.
  • Style Info At a Click – Get information on a particular style like its history, approvals and all past orders with order transaction history which is all just a click away.
  • Supplier Connectivity – Use WFX smart e-mail to send on-line specs, costings, RQFs and Sample Requests, Purchase Orders and manage responses.
  • Collaborative Time & Action Calendars – Monitor and track all sourcing activities and any task across any order during the full product lifecycle and view exception reporting for accurate and timely decision-making.
  • Integration of Apparel PLM – Integrate WFX PLM into Internal ERP and SCM systems or with any WFX products such as WFX Web PDM, EDI and ERP II.
  • Integrates with WFX Financial Acccounting – Monitor and Control all financial transactions across your company and offices.Analyse cost through Cost Centers and Profit/Loss of your departments,buyers and Orders.Complete financial management and reporting tools ensuring the highest level of business analysis and governance.

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