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WFX Apparel EDI Software solutions are Apparel EDI compatible and are equipped to transmit as well as receive any EDI documents. Through a flexible XML interface, WFX Apparel EDI software solutions can send and receive any buyer specific EDI data.


Apparel EDI Software for Buyers
Enable Apparel EDI Software connectivity with all suppliers. Send/Receive POs, order confirmations as well as ASN and related shipping documentation and receive invoices.
Apparel EDI Software for Suppliers:

Receive Apparel EDI data from any buyer! We map all EDI formats through easy XML interface. Send ASN’s and create export and shipping documentation automatically as well as send invoices!

Integrates to WFX ERP II to give Real Time visibility into packed quantities per color/per size.

Send/Receive any EDI transmissions!
apparel edi software

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