VisionNet Digital Library


We are eLearning content development company since 1996 with focus on E-Learning. We are having complete Multimedia Courses for Engineering, IT, Polytechnics, ITI & Schools. We are successfully catering to 500 clients and VISIONet is the largest implemented eLearning solution in India. We have largest Course/LR’s/Content Library in Asia.


  1. Shortage or Lack of Quality Faculty: Record Lecture through Digital Library and store or publish in central serve, provide store Lecture as teaching aids where there is shortage of expert teacher or teacher not available.
  2. Uniform Teaching: The level of training/teaching is maintained even in situations when faculties change or do not have the specific subject matter expertise.
  3. Create Central Knowledge repository system: Connect institutes through internet with each other for share teaching, content and education at every stage.
  4. Provide central networking by connecting all provider directorate, institutions, teacher, students and resources to help collect, preserve, index and distribute knowledge anywhere & anytime: Powerful search, share information easily and effectively and video conferencing for smooth and effective communication and functionality.
  5. Providing 1000+ hrs of ready made multimedia content for immediate needs and expert & teacher can edit or change according to his need and desire.
  6. Increase teacher-student Interaction: Student can intranet with Teacher via – Video Chat, Text Chat, Voice chat and the help of multimedia lecture the teacher can clear the concept.
  7. Create Interest for Learners: Lecture session on critical topics will improve performance of the weak students. Understand the concepts easily due to real classroom like environment. Use of Multimedia, such as audio-videos, slide shows, and presentations make learning easy and fun.
  8. Enhances Quality of Education: Provided good quality content and online examination system for online exam so teacher can access student weakness and improve quality.
  9. Enhance Retention Level: Never Miss a Class: Students can watch missed pre-recorded classes and presentations on demand and at an any where any time. The full-featured archives also aid in revising the lessons.
  10. Session can be recorded in the storage device for future Playback.
  11. Increase Employability: It provides readymade multimedia short term courses for Skill development to improve his confidence. These courses are prepared by subject expert so they serve a valuable purpose for the learning students.
  12. Save Teacher time and efforts: The teacher by reusing the multimedia LR’s/content for teaching aid to provide real life or imagery and powerful explanation and example in classroom teaching.
  13. World Class education system: Its provide internet based central education system for department for increase quality in education and increase student motivation.