Vembu BDR Suite is a complete established backup solution catering to the backup, recovery and catastrophe recovery needs of diverse and heterogeneous IT environments. The portfolio of products below the Vembu BDR Suite may be used by state-of-the-art, virtualized statistics centers to the simple IT surroundings in small and medium organizations including service providers presenting an offsite backup service to small groups.


Key Features

  1. All-in-one Backup Solution
  2. User Access Control
  3. Clustering & Load Balancing
  4. Multitenant Environment
  5. Efficient Storage Management
  6. Advanced Reporting & Centralized Management
  7. Vembu Portal for Service Providers


Vembu is a leading issuer of low priced software and cloud services with an array of revolutionary, flexible and dependable solutions for information protection, disaster recovery and CRM.