SalesGo Suite of applications empower sales performance and enable sales people to successfully carry on their regular activities. SalesGoTM is designed to swiftly enhance sales conversions and give a boost to client interactions. SalesGo specializes in the  most  important sales elements and automates the manner  with cell. therefore, permitting corporations track sales performance, gain insights into their channel behavior and help increase sales conversion.


Introducing SalesGoTM Leads, a mobile based lead management tool that improves lead conversion ratio by assigning, tracking and updating lead information as and when it happens. This can be viewed by the senior management team through a web console to intervene real-time if required and take corrective steps resulting in higher lead conversion and lesser drop-offs.

  1. Improves Speed-to-call.
  2. What gets measured gets done.
  3. Increased Contact rate
  4. Get “Cradle to Grave” perspective of your Leads
  5. Reports on the go