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TRAXX is a comprehensive Fixed Assets Management Solution. We are implementing fixed asset management solutions since 1999. TRAXX is the evolution of over ten thousand man hours of development with feedbacks from some of the best fixed asset managers serving with our esteemed customers like GE, TESCO, HONEYWELL and MERCEDES BENZ


Key Features

Asset Audit (FAIR)

Our flagship Fixed Asset Inventory and Reconciliation service is a comprehensive approach that cleanses and fortifies your fixed asset register to establish a stronger foundation for effective fixed asset management. In addition, fixed asset inventory and reconciliation services provide the necessary data visibility to avoid the risk of non-compliance with financial, tax and regulatory issues.

Asset Verification and Tagging

We physically verify and brand your asset with Unique Asset Id (UAID) by means of barcode or RFID tags. These tags can be in compliance with requirements of various authorities like STPI or SEZ. We tag the locations like workstations, cubicles and conference rooms. This enables locating and grouping of assets based on location hierarchy.

Enterprise Asset Management

RCS provides superior baseline asset inventory & tagging services to organizations across all industries as the first step to implement Enterprise Asset Management. The asset inventory data becomes the foundation for efforts to limit capital spending, optimally utilize capital assets, mitigate maintenance & repair expense, and control a variety of other operational aspects of physical assets.

Asset Inventory

A leader in IT Asset Inventory services, RCS delivers baseline inventory projects with superior quality, in a concise timeframe, and with minimal disruption to your operations environment. The baseline inventory data delivered is highly accurate and complete.

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