Touch codes is a company formed by highly passionate people with an aim to enhance your touch experience through quality and innovation. We develop customized software for individuals, small and large enterprises with an eye for building a long-term future withour clients by fulfilling their dreams. We are known for our exceptional quality, innovation and timely delivery for every project we undertake.


What we do at touchcodes

At touchcodes, we gather young, passionate and creative people to work on our client’s idea and make into a reality. We firmly believe in our client’s idea whether the whole world stands with it or turns other way. With that belief, we want to see our client’s thoughts shape up into a suitable product, so we work on your project as your team member and a supporter not just as a company and a client. With this mentality, unlike other companies, we are a family helping each other to realise a dream thorough quality and innovation.

Our values

We are passionate to work on great ideas and be a leader with vision.

Commitment to Excellence
We honour commitment to the job we do/take, this helps us to autograph our work with Excellence.

Quality Assurance
Quality is at the heart of what we do and we help our clients realise software that is fit for purpose avoiding expensive reworks and any financial impact of releasing defective software.

We firmly believe in our client’s idea and work hard to turn that idea into a reality. Realisation of our client’s dream is a priority to us.

On Time Projects
We don’t say, “There is still time” or “May be next time” because there is also the concept of “It’s too late”. So, you can expect on time delivery of the given job.

Working on the Following Verticals

  1. Website Development
  2. E-Commerce Development
  3. Android/IOS App Development
  4. Custom Software Development

Our Products

Touch Campus

Touch campus acts like a connecting bridge between activities of students in a school and their parents. This app mainly helps parents to track their children’s progress and schedule in a school.

Touch community

Touch community is an app which makes life easier in gated community. This app is built to solve major issues of the gated community through automated system. It offers different types of services on a single platform. But it’s not just a service provider app, but also a social media app exclusively for the gated community.