JewelleryAdmin | ERP Software


Get Latest MarvelSoft Jewellery ERP Solution for your Jewellery Shop. It’s Time to upgrade to MarvelSoft ERP, from old software as your old software is confusing & 70% of features are obsolete. it has Sales Module, Stock module, Scheme module, Gold smith module, Reports Module, Pawn Banking module


Key Features

  1. Items, Category, Item Types
  2. Sales Invoice, Orders, Estimates
  3. Purchase Invoice, Orders, Estimates
  4. Customers, Customer Schemes
  5. Old Gold Purchases / Advance Amounts
  6. Gold Smith, RD & URD Vendors
  7. Invoice / Orders Reports
  8. Item Stock Reports
  9. Item by Sales Report
  10. Send SMS on Invoice Generation
  11. Send SMS to scheme members
  12. Barcode Label Printing – Jewellery Barcode Tags
  13. Barcode Printer Support
  14. Webcam support for Taking Scheme members hotos
  15. Category Wise Sales Reports
  16. Purchase Reports
  17. Scheme Reports
  18. Sales & Purchase Graphs
  19. Sales Reports Weekly / Monthly / Financial
  20. Reports
  21. VAT Reports
  22. Pawn browing, pledge, H form, ledger acccounts, Pawn banking reports
  23. Jewellery andriod app for promoting designs
    Karigar,gold smith issue vochar, gold smith receipt vochar, debit credit tracking
  24. Customizable Reports without programing