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Total Office Manager® is an award-winning complete service management software program that does it all. Built by contractors for contractors. With accounting, Certified Payroll for Contractors and HVAC Companies, job costing, CRM, scheduling, GPS tracking, integrated caller id, marketing, sales lead management, powerful Field Service Management App, dashboards, mapping, document management, and customized electronic forms, this is the COMPLETE package.



Fully Integrated
One software program that handles everything from accounting and payroll to dispatching, service agreements, job costing and more. One software program and one database stops double entry and improves your reporting capability.

Auto Complete
When selecting from a list, users simply type a few characters to narrow the list.

Add Records on the Fly
Selection lists allow you to “Add New” without exiting the form.

Multiple Companies and DBA
Manage multiple company and create an unlimited number if DBA’s (doing business as). This is handy for those of you who have multiple company divisions.

Run Multiple Instances
You can open the software multiple times on the same computer. This makes it easier to multitask. Imagine working on payroll in one instance and dispatching on the other instance.

User Defined Fields
Create your own data entry fields and add them to various forms.

Keyboard Friendly
We know some of you prefer a keyboard to a mouse so we have worked hard to provide plenty of keyboard shortcuts and provide a finely tuned tab order. This will make data entry must faster.

Three Click Rule
Our founder was a contractor. He has a strict rule for our programmers to live by. All common or important information should be no more than three mouse clicks away. Information must also be easy for a contractor/owner to find (not just their office staff). You will find that to be true throughout Total Office Manager.

Smart Lists™
Create custom content lists from almost any database table. This feature is perfect for creating truck stock lists, phone call lists, or any other list of data that needs special attention.

Zip Code Database
Enter a zip code and the system automatically populates the city, state, county, and country. This database can be updated by the user. This will increase mailing address accuracy and reduce time entering records.

Required Data Entry Fields
Certain fields within selected forms can be set to be required. In other words, the user will be forced to enter information into those fields before they are allowed to continue.

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