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The paperless office will keep your important papers safe from damages, and your coffee cups. The challenge, perhaps, is not to create a paperless office, but to create an office where paper and digital documents are woven together in an efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-use workflow that revolutionizes the way people work.


Features of Gen Paperless Office Software

Easy Storage:- Securely transform paper into business value using infrastructure that is readily available for any office. Thus, saving your precious office storage space from the paper documents that you may or may not need in future by converting them into digitized documents.

Time Savings & Quicker Access to information:- It is no longer necessary to waste time looking for documents. Document searches can be done quickly and gives results in seconds. All the documents are stored in the same organized manner and are easy to retrieve.

Trouble Free Portfolio Management:- Get Lists of all your portfolios at one Screen where you can track & monitor live streaming of Sensex, Nifty & NAV Returns. Present values of your portfolios, their Profit & Loss calculation as an individual & group can also be monitored.

Security:- You can preserve confidential URL’s separately for which no cookies & history will be generated. Means only administrator can retrieve the applications and thus preventing it to fall in the wrong hands.

Easy Accessibility to Secure Login:- You can login to any website on a single click without entering your user name & Password. So, no more burdens to remember your Passwords. It will be assigned with your secret codes providing full security against unknowns Reminders.

Reminders:- Easily set reminders of your daily routine work reminding you of Important Meetings, Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, on Expiry of Important Documents viz. Driving License, Passports, etc. through e-mails, Pop-ups, Call & SMS as per schedule Date & Time.

AMC Master:- It makes you tension free from remembering your AMC dues like Insurance Installments, Maturity of Investments, Maintenance contracts, etc. as you will get prompt & complete information with service providers’ details viz. Name, Contact Nos., Address etc. through email, SMS, Call or Pop-ups.

Easy Accessing to important files:- Store important files in MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Powerpoint as required. This feature enables you an easy access of your important documents from anywhere giving you full security against the unknowns.

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