Think Exam – Online Exam Software


Think exam is cloud based testing platform. This tool can be used for conducting test for students and employee. Think exam is easy to use tool that has simple procedure to conduct test onilne.


Think Exam – Cloud Based Exam Software

Think Exam is an Online assessment tool, brought to you by Ginger Webs . Our objective is to strive for excellence, thereby maintaining the proficiency to conduct the assessments in the educational domain. We offer quality customer experience with an aim to conduct exam online, ensuring very less human-efforts.

The idea is to bring  efficiency in  management of examination and assessment integrating an interactive interface. This online assessment tool is made to offer an enhanced communication link in between the teacher  and the assessee. Here admin is able to create tests,add questions to the question bank,  associate candidates, assign assignments and etc. This features rich online examination software offers the freedom to create assignments using the advance testing tools. An administrator can perform numerous task like  restricting  or liberating  the movement,shuffle and randomize, mark guidelines, depute timelines,   use tags for smooth search, penalize the incorrect attempts, and lot of other things.

Features of Think Exam

Question Bank

  • Swiftly Add Images and Use Vivid Formats
  • 4 Level Hierarchy to Subject
  • Unlimited Repository of 7 Variant Question Types.
  • Improvised Question Bank.
  • Add Tags for Smooth Searching.

Candidate Management

  • Export Candidate data
  • Add and Import Multiple Candidates
  • Group One Course Aspirants

Test Creation

  • Advance Test Settings
  • Multi Test Assigning Features
  • 4 Differential Test Templates
  • Active links
  • Custom Test and Define Instructions


  • Create Vivid Products for Candidates
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Cost and Discount

Reporting System

  • Test Report
  • Candidate Report
  • Status Report
  • Sales Report
  • Question Report

Test Panel

  • Prompt Notifications
  • Test Screen
  • Detailed Transparency to Scores
  • Buy Package
  • Technology (Damage Proof and Ease of Running)
  • Dynamic Categories and Classifications

Mobile App

  • Interactive Interface
  • Sell Product and Drilled Reporting


  • High-performance Managed Servers
  • SSL certificates and Tested IP Functionality

Think exam brings innovation in cloud based exam and assessment.

This tool has easy is to use interface. Think has been designed to help you in exam preparation. advanced reporting system in tool helps you in making scorecard, arithmetic analysis, feedback and many more. Think exam is mobile friendly tool that allows you to practice on the move. we are there to support you 24/7. our dedicated technical team is putting all the necessary efforts to make this product on top. smart subscription to match your priorities in cloud based exam and assessment platform.




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